Dog Hostel

Want to Go Out for a Day/Week/Month or for a Movie? We are here to Keep Your Dog with Us.
Dog Hostel

Many people associate the summer months with traveling and fun in the sun. While some people consider their pet a travel companion, other pets may be better left at home. How can you decide the best option for your pet?

If you are going on vacation and can't take your furry buddy with you? Then your furry buddy also deserves a Vacation. Yes, you heared it correct.

The best way is to leave your Dog with some great Hostelling facility. Some people still don't know that there are such facilities available. But yes you can avail it for your dog.

We have someimportant tips for you to find out best Hostel or you can say Boarding facility for your dog.

  • Visit the place yourself.
    Supervise the place that is it good for your Dog?
    Be ensure that the place is clean and there are no ticks or any insects which may lead infections to your dog.
  • Find out that if veterinarian available on call?
    Dog owners should also ask if a veterinarian is available on call in case of any emergency. Good boarding facilities will have a working relationship with a local veterinarian. This will give your a relaxed breathe.
  • Ask about the Services
    You should ask about the services provided during Hostelling of your Dog. Ask about food, walk and other activities.
    As to be healthy and relax during hostelling your Dog requires regular walk and other playing activities which keeps them active and they don't feel the seperation anxity.

Now dispite of some pro tips we at AapKa Dog treat every dog as our kid. We take them for regular walk. The food is given based on owner's preferences.

Also we do socialization activity during the hostelling period.

Yes, you heared it perfect. Now you kid is in safe hands. Keep your dog with us and give them a great vacation.