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Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy Home

Getting a Puppy Home is itself a big topic as you need to consider a lot of things for that.

The first question would come to a mind which is for what purpose you need a dog. Why you want to get a puppy home must be a question and you must have a fair answer in your mind to yourself for that.

Now if you have a valid answer than you must have another question that what breed you want and for that, another answer should have that you need a Guarding Dog or a Therapy Dog or a Family Dog and so on. So your purpose should be clear.

Some people just want a dog for show off and if you are one of them then it's strictly no to you.

Before your new Pow-Pow arrives
1. Have a Family Discussion

A dog is a very big commitment. So, before you make a decision, make sure you're all agreed on getting this newest member of the family. Also, decide who will be the primary caretaker-otherwise you'll invest a big amount of time to argue while your new dog stares at his empty food bowl. Also in prior advance fix the rules in a house like will the dog be allowed on the bed? On the Couch? Where will he sleep?

2. Get the Necessary Supplies

Get some of the basics before the puppy arrives at home and here are the things you should get like

  • Crate
  • Food
  • Treats
  • Water Bowl
  • Collar and Leash
  • Bed
  • Toys especially chew toys suggested
  • Stain and dor cleaners etc.

3. Puppy Proofing a House

This requires a lot more extra care if you're getting a puppy since they can be extreme champion chewers and can chew something they shouldn't. Create a temporary living space for your pup, where he can't damage any of your belonging or eat somethng which can make him sick.

Make sure anything that could hurt your dog is out of reach. Pick a room which is the center of all activity for your new pup so he doesn't feel isolated there.

4. Dog Tags and Microchipping are a Must

An accident may happen and you never know if and when your dog will get lost or run away unintentionally. If you get lost somewhere you can call somebody for help but that's not the right case with dogs. Get a Good Collar with proper tags that have your Dog's name and at least the phone number of your family is printed there. Microchipping is the another great way to make sure your dog gets back home safely!

5. They need their teeth to brush just like us

Dental health in a dog is most important for overall health, so remember to brush your dog's teeth several times a week. With positive reinforcement, you can slowly introduce the brush and can make it a fun routine like rewarding him after each brushing session.

6. Take proper care of their Nails and Fur

Dog's nails you should trim regularly so that they don't break or it won't interfere in their normal walking. You can always take your pup to vet or groomer once in a month and let them handle it!

Brushing them regularly keeps their fur smooth and increases the circulation to the skin for their better health. This session can be helpful in bonding with your dog. Some pup needs professional grooming so be aware of that and take them regularly to the groomer.

7. Toy And Entertainment

As we talked about puppy proofing a home it's most important to get critical things away from their reach to make them safe. If you don't want your favorite things to be chewed be sure to keep that out of the reach. Leave plenty of dogs to chew toys out you don't like to be bored and neither your new furry friend.

8. Regular Exercise

A dog needs to go on one long walk every day. Play various games like "Hide and Seek", "Fetch the ball" and various others to release some of their energy. Exercise and fresh air make them happy.

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