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Things to Know Before Your Dog's First Mating

When you are breeding a dog it is very important to be aware of every aspect regarding it.
Dog breeders and all the experience persons will always tell you how much it is important to prepare your dog for its first mating ever or so.

Mainly when your dog is young, no matter whether is it a male or female, your dog may panic, run away or even hurt itself or the mating partner.

The first question you should ask whether your dog has reached full sexual maturity or not. The age to breed a dog, whether male or female, depends on the breed of your dog.

Here is the general guideline for their sexual maturity:

  • Small breeds: Between 12 and 18 months old
  • Medium breeds: Between 15 and 18 months old
  • Large breeds: Approximately 18 to 24 months old

Generally, male dogs can begin breeding between 6 to 12 months of age while female dogs should be a bit later at least after their first heat cycle and generally breeders wait for the bitches to be at least of 18 months os age.

A successful breeding attempt can get you a good litter of puppies. And preparing your dog for a mate is the first step towards successful puppies.

Here are some important factors which play a major role.

Good Partner

Choosing a good partner for your dog is always a bit tough job but if you consider such factors while selecting then it will be a much easier job for you.

First, verify the entire medical history of the opposite sex partner which you are going to continue with. And check how much healthy the dog is.

Maybe you can check the parental hierarchy also if it is available.

Give both dogs time before the actual mate so they can spend little time, play with each other and get to know each other. So they can be comfortable with each other. Not just a one time but you can have several meetings before the mating so they can be friends together.

Choose a Right Time

If you have a female dog then she should be in her heating cycle. Female generally goes into heat twice a year around at every six months. And heat usually lasts between 2 to 4 weeks.

You should observe the spotting. First, she will have minor bleeding and after she will give more attention towards her private area.

It is not guaranteed that your female dog will allow another dog to mount in the first time. You may require to visit every other day for that is it did not happen the last time. Sometimes female doesn't allow to mount.

Male dogs are almost always ready to mate but will not be able to do so until the female dog is ready as well and allow him to do.


Another factor you need to pre-plan is money.

As you will need to be able to cover veterinary costs such as pre-mating tests, vaccinations, vet attendance during the birth of puppies if is not going to be straightforward.

Nowadays pet insurance is also there in the market so you can choose them wisely to be able to handle this situation.

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