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Signs Of a Healthy Dog

Many pet parents are always wondering whether their dog is healthy or not? How to determine the condition of a dog?
All the pet parents must have a checklist to determine the condition of a dog.

As a concerned pet parent we always want to see our dog happy, want to provide him with all the happiness all the time and at the same time we may get worried about their health too. So here are the major things you need to be aware of.

Freshy Breath

A healthy mouth is always a great sign of good health. A clean mouth and no bad-smelling breath and of course clean teeth without any tartar are signs of good health.

If a bad smell coming from your dog's mouth could mean tooth decay, tartar or it can be even more worst condition.

You must have routine dental care which will help to improve the overall health of your dog.

Healthy Weight

Obesity mostly is seen as a common issue in dogs.

You must keep your dog on healthy and mostly a balanced diet.

Also, regular exercise will keep them away from such issue as physical activity is a must.

Clean Ears

Clean and mostly any odour free ears are always a good sign on a healthy dog.

There should not be any major wax buildup or a bad smell coming out. It's natural for your dog's ears to get dirty and you must clean up them regularly.

Clean And Shiny Coat

Another major role player in the health of your furry buddy is the coat. A shiny and clean coat is a good sign of better health.

Because of natural oils and shedding a healthy dog will have a shiny and clean coat. Dogs do shed based upon the season and the breed.

Dog breeds like a golden retriever and other fluffy buddies must need regular care to maintain their healthy, fluffy and silky coat.

You must include healthy and balanced food in their diet plan and majorly check the vitamins and other necessary things for your dog.


A way active behaviour is always a sign of great health.

A happy dog always wants to play with you, wants to greet everyone at the door, wants to go for a walk and more playful activities.

If suddenly your dog starts to spend time alone, sleeps a lot, shows low energy than it may be a sign of health issue and you should consult your vet.

Happy Dog
Wet & Cool Nose

The wet and cool nose is another sign of a healthy dog.

If your dog has a dry nose than it may be a cause of dehydration. Make sure your dog gets enough fresh water.

In case if anything looks unusual please consult your vet first rather than the wild guesses.

Bladder and Bowel Movements

Always keep an eye on your dog's poop and urine. It must be free from any blood, worms, eggs etc.

The colour of urine also plays an important role. Healthy dog's urine is generally of transparent yellow colour.

Brighter and Clear Eyes

Brighter and clear eyes also a sign of a healthy dog.

If your dog has redness in the eye, signs of any kind of irritation, tears, or any discharge, you should consult your vet first.

The colour of the goop should be clear.

Strong Nails

If your dog has long nails than it may create problems sometimes, so they must be trimmed properly.

You can trim by yourself or during the grooming session it should be included.

Tail Wags

Normally a happy and healthy dog has a wagging tail. If you find a droopy tail then it may be a sign of illness in your dog.

Wagging Tail
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