23 Feb 2020   |   by AapKa Dog

Should I Hire a Professional to Train My Dog?

One of the common questions every dog owner has regarding training is whether they should hire some professional dog trainer or should they do it by themselves?

Do many dog owners have excuses that why we should hire a trainer? We can train by ourselves.

Now, in this case, many situations will arise in 80% of cases. The owner will start scolding the dog or even a few beat them also when your pup has chewed your shoes or is doing something which you don’t want. In the future, such cases may be very destructive or they may get too aggressive.

Few owners say we are watching youtube videos and teaching the dog so we are good at it. But that is not the only case. You are learning from youtube is great or following someone. But in that 5-10 min video what you see, you need to understand the work behind that foundation the trainer has made with the dog.

Many people even don’t have proper bonds or foundation yet with their pup and they start training by watching such random videos and when the pup doesn't understand what they want from him, they start scolding or start giving up. Because they haven’t done proper research and just started the thing without having any kind of patience.

Dog training is a game all about Patience. When you are dealing with your pup the Patience is the key thing.


Dog training is not only the thing about just giving a command and your dog should do it. It should be a fun game for your dog that he enjoys each command you give him. Your dog needs proper behavior shaping also.

Sometimes the owner doesn’t know that the dog doesn't have control over the impulse and they keep repeating the same thing and eventually, the dog will learn something different.

Eventually, the dogs are the most manipulative creature or we can say pet. Hahaha… You got that right. They know how to manipulate the owner and the owner will become a bit sentimental and the dog will get what he wants.

The main key thing is your dog should Earn his food. You can do it as a part of his good behavior. But you must have that vision and the quick effect that yes this is the good behavior I want from you and you get the reward for that.

You need the best training method for your dog and which a good trainer can give that. The trainer knows how to deal with different kinds of behaviors of puppies. So, yes you should go to hiring a good professional trainer.

Now you will ask how to know whether he is a good trainer or not. Yes, you can have a meeting with the trainer first and discuss the things you want. You can discuss the training method he uses. You can discuss the plan with him and then give it a go.

You should start training at an average age of 3 months or before that also once all the vaccinations are done. Eventually, the training will start from the very first day you bring a puppy home. Obedience is a must when it comes to your dog. So now it’s a question for you whether you should hire a professional dog trainer or not?

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  • Percy
    09 Jul 2020, 04:07 pm

    Nice blog! This blog is awesome for dog owners. If you want your dog to be obedient towards you. Its great when your dog listen's to you.

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