29 Dec 2020   |   by AapKa Dog

Keeping Your Pet Safe and Warm During This Winter

There are myths and beliefs of a few people that pets don’t feel cold and they can be used to it so no need to do anything during winter for them is absolutely not right.

When the winter season is there and the temperature begins to get down and down, there are special precautions to keep in mind and actually do it to keep your pets safe and warm during the season.

Pets are our family members and if we don’t treat them right during this season then it would be dangerous to them so better to be prepared and take precautions.

An animal of any age can suffer from illness due to exposure to cold. Hypothermia, frostbite can be a concern if your pet is left outdoors in cold weather for a long period of time. Eventually, due to dropped temperature, they may start shivering and resulting in a slow heart and respiratory rate.

So, here are a few tips that will help your pet safe and comfortable during the entire season.

One simple thumb rule you should follow is that if it is too cold for you, then it might be too cold for your pet as well.
Just because he has a fur coat doesn’t mean he is warm
Pug feeling Cold

That’s true that our furry child is wearing a fur coat. And that fur coat he wears during all the seasons and which will help them to regulate their body temperature. But that doesn’t mean that he is always warm regardless of specific conditions.

As few people can tolerate cold than others the same way it will be in few of the pets but that depends on their tolerance level based on their age, size, coat, breed, and so many other factors.

Always be aware of their limit
Feeling Cold

One simple thumb rule you should follow is that if it is too cold for you, then it might be too cold for your pet as well.

If your dog gets chilled easily, get him a sweater at least to wear. And I should suggest getting it anyway in the cold season. As some breeds do very well in the cold temperature but still they need to be kept inside when not on outdoor walks or breaks.

Breeds like Chihuahuas, Poodles, and Terriers should not be kept outside in the cold for a long period of time as an example.

Break a Long walk in more shooter walks

Rather than doing one long walk consider breaking them into shorter walks. So instead of one long walk, you can have a few shorter walks.

Yes, they still need and want to go out but several shorter walks will make a solution to that.

Always keep observing the paws

Cold weather can play havoc on your dog’s bare feet. It can make their paws chap, which means the cracks on their paws.

After coming from a walk during the winters, wash his paws with warm water, and dry them thoroughly.

There are special several types of boots available which you can use on outside walks. And even many other products are available to protect their paws in such cold seasons which you can use.

Options to sleep
Feeling Cold

As we all know our pets have their favorite spots in the house to sleep and mostly are some corners. But they may be too hot or too cold during the season and which may not be good for them.

So always give them few other options where they can be comfortable and safe. If you like and if they want to sleep in the bed you can allow or even you can have their special bed also.

Now, we are discussing this point so if you are giving such pleasure to your pets, you can always help the stray also. You can give them some blankets to sleep upon or in some warm corner in your yard you can help them to sleep there.

Always be cautious about age and health

Older dogs don’t always regulate their temperature as efficiently as they do at a young age. Arthritis can also be much affected by a cold. You can always check with your vet to make your older dog more comfortable during a cold if he is having any kind of medical condition.

Few other important factors to keep in mind

Never shave your dog down to the skin level in winter, as the long coat will provide more warmness during the winter.

Bathe your pets as little as possible during cold weather. Washing too often can remove essential oils and increase the chance of developing dry, flaky skin.

Pets burn extra energy by trying to stay warm in winter. Feeding your dog a little bit more during the cold weather can provide the needed calories, and making sure your dog has plenty of water to drink will help keep him well-hydrated and his skin less dry.

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