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Introducing a New Puppy To Your Older Dog

Getting a new puppy home sound exciting right? If you have an older dog at home you must be wondering how to introduce a new puppy to him.

As your new puppy doesn't understand the world of dogs yet as far as your older dog.

But ya you can have some preparation and then just go ahead to introduce your furry members to each other.

New Puppy
A few things you must know before the meeting

Put away your older dog’s favorite toys to avoid territorial behavior.

Create some space at home that at least both dogs can get away from each other.

It may happen that your older dog may not welcome the new one with open arms! So be ready.

Be sure to have separate treats, food, bowls for both dogs.

Also, vaccination plays a major role so be sure to be up to date with it.

Now you must be thinking that after getting a new puppy home how to manage a meeting of both. Right? So here is the thing.

Don’t introduce in the area where your old dog can have territorial aggression. So choose some other neutral place.

Even if you can choose a park or some open area for the first meeting that that would be great as it will not let the older dog become territorial.

Also, put both on a leash and maybe you and another person can hold both separately. Just hold in a normal way. Don’t pull the leash. We don’t have to let them feel restricted.

If they are sniffing each other than letting them do that because surely they will do. As you know dogs know the world from smells only.

After sniffing the puppy will probably become submissive to the older bog by lying down or showing the belly.

Maybe if your older dog is used to than he may want to play with the puppy or may be interested in something else.

Only if you see them start fighting then and then only dive into middle and try to tackle otherwise let them do whatever they are doing.

This initial meeting should be brief about 10-15 minutes or so, to keep them from tiring.

You must be thinking that how to introduce it to the new home. Am I right?

You can complete the walk and get back home as you normally do.

You can let them off-leash in your garden or little fenced area. And after some time you can let them in with leading your old dog to a new puppy.

If your older dog feels comfort level than you can make puppy bit loose and let him explore the new house.

For the first few weeks don't let them alone without your presence.

Try to spend quality time with both apart from other.

Be sure that you must be the primary bond of your dog and not the other dog.

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