08 Nov 2019   |   by AapKa Dog

Importance of Training a Dog

Today let’s talk about the hottest question of all time people asking me about. Some people have a mind that dog training… Uh, why should we do it?

Most people bring a puppy or adult dog home and they are not aware of what things they will face if they don’t take care of him properly.

Think you bring a puppy home and don’t have proper obedience and suppose someday guests came and suddenly he jumped on them.

Suppose if your dog eats something which he was not supposed to like some poisonous thing. There are many such scenarios where training is necessary.

Dog training is a never-ending process but some things are necessary to teach them and they are more important too.

As a pet owner, there may be a variety of questions comes into your mind.

Questions like:

  • At what age should I start the training of my dog?
  • Where to and with what to start?
  • Does my dog need obedience training?
  • What are the different training methods?
  • Can I just train my dog?

If you love your dog and consider it as your family companion than you want to do every effort for them to make his life happier.

Dog training will not make them happier and adds skills to their life, but it’s the best way to make a strong bond with your dog. And most important it can save your dog’s or even someone's life.

To build a great bond and Positive Relationship

One of the best ways to create a great relationship with your dog is to understand how your dog learns and reacts to positive training to make things rewarding and easy.

Believe me, your dog wants to spend each wagging moment with you. They need your love and affection as they are loners.

Also walking and playing with your dog with various activities increase the bond with your pooch.

As being from pack leader they naturally seek alpha or leader. They want to love and affection but they need to know that you are boss. Training will give you ease and confidence in your relationship and even they feel more secure.

Teaching about Life and Safety Skills

One of the main reasons behind training them it literally they can save their life. Accidents happen.

Even if you know where your pup is and what he is doing something may happen suddenly where it will not give you enough time to think even. During the walk, it may happen because a constant pull harness is broken and your pup ran away.

If you have properly trained, your pup knows what to do and when. So on recall command, if he runs away then also will be back to you.

Also by teaching "Leave It" or "Drop It" you could avoid such situations where your dog eats something which is toxic or poisonous to him and cause major injuries.

Teaching Necessary Obedience Commands and Focus on Behavioural Problems

Commands like "sit", "stay" will be more helpful to have better communication with your dog. Even when some guest comes and to avoid such unwanted situation this will be more helpful and easier for you.

There may be some situations because of the lack of understanding between you and your dog and thus the training is super important.

Some dogs may have excessive barking, digging problems or chewing furniture habits which can be overcome by obedience training.

The more time you spend with your dog the more effective results you will get.

Most people may have a major belief that once a dog turns a 1-year-old then once can start training which is wrong.

Training starts from day 1 you bring your dog home.

You can start with a basic puppy foundation to advance. This world is a huge to learn. So every day your dog teaches you something new.

Even you should socialize your dog with every possibility like other dogs, humans, various sounds and much more which will build more confidence.

We will discuss the various training methods till you start with the basics.

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