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Importance of Deworming Your Pets

Deworming the word itself states the meaning behind it. But many pet parents are not aware of it that how important it is for your pets.

Some have a question that is it necessary to deworm their pets if they stay mostly indoors? And the answer is YES. If you have a pet then it is your responsibility to make them stay safe and healthy. To keep your pet healthy you must include deworming as a part of their regular health checkup.

Whether you have a dog or cat it is highly advisable and necessary to manage and reduce any parasites living externally and internally of your lovely children.

It is also necessary to help to prevent the transmission of parasites to you and your family members!

Worms are not the most appealing subject. And yet it is important to keep an eye on these parasites, notably if you are a dog owner. Dogs can be considerably affected by worms. This makes deworming your dog an imperious necessity!
Pups and Kittens require to be dewormed likewise often
Puppy & Kittens

Until your pup or kitten reaches 3 months of age it is highly recommended to deworm them every 2 weeks. They are usually born with parasites passed on from their mother even if the mother is dewormed before they born. So you must have to discuss this with your vet.

How your pet catches worms?

Each parasite unfolds according to a particular cycle. In common, a dog or cat gets infected when employing an animal itself parasitized (rodents, insects, slugs, etc…), or by swallowing the eggs of parasites that it has discarded in its stools.

An adult dog will usually not show any symptoms of worms. You may be able to find pieces of the worms in their wastes or vomit.

Pups may undergo diarrhoea and respiratory problems. Their stomachs may get inflated even though the rest of their body remains skinny.

Other common symptoms among canines include coughing, laziness, or drop in energy level, lower appetite, rapid weight loss, dull coat, and skin irritation.

If your dog is suffering from tapeworm, you can find segments of these worms in the faeces; they look like bits of rice. If you are not sure whether your dog is suffering worm infection then immediately consult your vet.

The most common worms in dogs or cats
  • Round wormsWhen it comes to canines, roundworms are the most constant parasites. Roundworms do not only affect your dog’s growth and development, but they may also cause their death and even cause skin diseases among people.

    Pups and cats are usually infected with these parasites from birth. Roundworms exist in the digestive tract where they lay eggs that are rejected in stool: these eggs can survive 2 years outside before being unintentionally ingested by a dog or a cat.
  • Tapeworms wormsTapeworms harm your dog’s abdominal lining and may cause uncomfortable itchiness on their bottom portions.

    Tapeworms can reach up to 60cm long! The most common tapeworm in dogs and cats is Dipylidium caninum. This is transmitted by fleas.

Children, the old, pregnant women, cancer patients, diabetics and anyone else with a suppressed immune system are at a greater risk. Many dogs and cat parasites are “zoonotic”, meaning they are transmissible from animals and cause disease in humans.

When to deworm your pet?

You can deworm your dog as per the suggested routine by the vet. It is recommended to start doing this at a young age. Deworm a pup younger than eight weeks every two weeks, pups of eight weeks to six months old every month, and it is recommended to deworm dogs older than six months four times a year.

How to deworm your pet?
Dewarm Them

There are various dewormers available in the market in the forms of syrup, tablets etc. Consult your vet for the best suitable option for your dog.

Signs of a healthy pet

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