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I Got a Puppy Home. Now What?

Got a Puppy Home? So the real excitement and fun begins now. Oh Wow! you finally have a puppy of your very own.

As you got a puppy the question comes to mind is how to train him. As most people don't know when to start training.

Certaing people are having a black mentality that when he become a year older than you have to start training your puppy.

But here the main thing is that till that time he learns a lot of things and get habbited to that. So after that it will be bit hard to change the things he is used to do now.

So the real thing is that the training starts from the day 1.

Now What to do first?

This is the basic stuff you are going to do before anything else. If you have done in the advance than that's great and if not than you still can do. it after

Puppy Proofing

Puppies have their great tendency to destroy everything which comes in their path and ya they like to chew - a lot.

First clear the area where you pup is going to spend most of his time and also remove anything you don't want to be chewed, and anything that might hurt him.

As an example:

  • Shoes
  • Dirty Socks (are a doggy delicacy)
  • Books
  • Electrical Wires
  • Kids' Toys
  • Any Any Other Important Thing

For anything other valuable which can't be removed from that area like corners of furtniture you can use a bitter-tasting spray, like Bitter Apple. Make sure it doen't stain.

It is best not to allow the puppy to access every room and everything right away. And also decide where you want to allow him now or in future.

Most Important, you must get a crate.

Crate will help in many situations like potty and manner training will be more easier and faster. When you can't look after it helps you to keep your pup more safe and out of trouble.

So now I know you will ask a question that I got a crate but how to Introduce it? Yes, I will let you know that.

Place crate in central location & let puppy explore it.

When your puppy goes inside offer a treat to him. And let him come out if he wants. Still the time yet to come to close the door.

Make the crate comfortable with a bed, water bowl, toy etc. Be sure that this should not become punishment for him. It's just a part of training.

Once he feels comfortable close the door and leave him alone there. Get him out after some time to play outside or for his poop/pip.

Slowly increase crate timings and you will see most of the behaviour problems will not even come.

Bring the puppy foundation kit

It is not a specific type of kit you will get but the things like Lots of chew toys and get a variety of them so you can get to know the favors of your pup.

Few Puzzle Toys at least a kong style toys whic will keep you pup more busy and engaged. This will help you to burn your pup's mental energy.

Treats for Training. Mostly use soft and chopped treats.

Gather family to make everyone on the same page

This is most important and which will help you to grow your pup in a very smooth way.

Now here you need to discuss the ground rules for the new pup.

Topics includes like Where will the pup sleep at night?, Wether your dog will be allowed on your couch?, Any area those are permanently banned for your dog?, Who will feed/walk/train/take for the potty break?

Decide the terms

If one person says down and another says off for the same getting off from the furniture than your pup is going to start a very confuse life.

So always try to determine same terminologies.

Decide timmes for Potty Breaks, Meals, Beadtime and Wake-up time.

The first week at home

The first week is all about letting your pup settle in, learn the basic rules, getting used to it and mostly to have all the positive vibes and impressions.

Keep it very low for now. Yes I know all your relatives, friends and neighbours are excited to meet the new pup. They should definately meet him but this is not the right time yet. You don't want to overwhelm who has only been alive for just few weeks.

First let him know and get familiar with his own family before getting in touch with some other strange faces.

Once the pup settles in, you must start socialization training. It's all abount introducing new people, animals, places, various sounds to make good experience. We will have differen session for socialization training so keep looking at it.

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