About AapKa Dog

Get to Know How AapKa Dog Came Into the Picture.
Story from the owner himself

As I remember Exactly on 7th September 2015, I brought my first pet home. And he was named Bruno.

He was just 35 days old when he was introduced to our family. After 3 months of his age we started looking for the best trainer who can educate him well and make him understand to behave well at all places but the only condition was that trainer must not use any physical punishment while educating.

So far communicating with some well known trainers at that time no one agreed to my conditions and no one was taking guarantee for his future behaviour.

Than after I decided to train my Bruno by own and started learning positive Dog Training methods from various Free and Paid sources.

After training him for a month I started receiving offers from my friends to train their dogs like I did Bruno. So I accepted those offers and started training their dogs.

After getting proper results I was offered some more few trainings from their references and the service has grown. So than officially have declared AapKa Dog on 1st January 2016 as Dog Training Center in Vadodara.

So far it was getting continued and one day one of my client asked to take care of his 3 months old Beagle named Tuzo for 3 days as they were having emergency. And because of that one more service was added and that was AapKa Dog - Day Care Center

Slowly slowly we got more responses and we got expanded and we have started Dog Gorooming Service also.

As our main aim is to take care of all the furry buddis as it's a passion so we will keep growing and add such wonderful services.